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Final project, due April 20, 2017
With your group, write one of the following:

Arrange 10 "healthy" and reasonably priced recipes / instructions for students that attend Glendon. You can source the recipes from actual books or blogs or web sites (or your family), but not from a single source. The recipes / instructions should all be appropriate for the audience, and they should be written and presented credibly, and all in a similar fashion. They can be in PDF or hard-copy, but you can decide the format.

Don't forget to test the recipes and make any adjustments necesaary, because I will be testing them too as part of the grade :)

Document plan for project, due April 03,
Write an document plan for your project, and be sure to include:
--an audience analysis with user stories: who is your audience, what do they care about, and how might they fail with the "technology" they need to work with. We will talk about this in class.
--a general description and listing of your recipes
--a graphic mockup of how you will present the information (high level, one page max).

Assignment 2, due March 27: Pick a technical document--any one you like. In 500 words (maximum) analyse the document and tell me, with examples:
--what the writer's attitude is towards the audience for the document
--if you think the graphic representation of the document helps persuade readers or not

Assignment 1, due February 13: Write a resume and letter of application. Pick your job, then hand in the resume, letter and job posting description.
My functional resume (an old one)

My CV (another old one)

Course outline

TRAN 4310 winter 2017

Required texts

Cookbook Liber Cure Cocorum (ca 1430) with "translation"

Theater of machines (1578)
Text Facsimile

Octavo (I will show some of these in class)

Bert Hall's History of writing on technology (PDF)

Jamie's Graphics Overview PDF

Adobe's Type Primer PDF

"Understanding Readers" by Janice Redish. Please read this for January 23 class. (PDF--Right-click and "save target as..." to download to your computer.)

From Edward Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantative Information. Chapter 9
(PDF--Right-click and "save target as..." to download to your computer)

We may also use some of Tufte's pamphlets for analysis. Stay tuned!

related, but not required:

Edward Tufte's Web site

Tufte's analysis of the PowerPoint presentation to NASA in the Columbia Shuttle disaster

On structures for technical communication: "Templates of Thought" by William Horton

Background texts from TRANS 3310:

Document Plan handout

The Sciences, "Go" excerpt

The Sciences, "Viral Superhighway" excerpt